Ask Your Dentist If You Choose Veneers Or Crowns

It is a very important decision to make perhaps when it is about enhancing the smile of a person which means the upper front teeth of a person’s mouth. Hence, a number of people want to know if crowns are better than veneers or not.

There are special reports given by the cosmetic dentists which show a comparison of crowns and veneers. This comparison is primarily based on the reports of the patients and also on the experience of the dentists. In order to do the comparison of both it is important to understand the basic about them.

The veneers as well as the crowns are the kinds of dental restorations. This implies that they are the add on elements that augment a present biological tooth particularly the one that has some kind of cosmetic defect or a tooth which has been damaged by decay.

Usually when a decay is about the effect the health of tooth, a crown cap is applied when the decay is removed. It covers the whole area from all the sides of the tooth. It should be noted that the figure over does the tooth reduction for a crown to demonstrate that crowns encircle around all the sides of tooth.

Hence, there are some visible differences. By having the crown, in the back as well as the front of the tooth are encircled. In comparison to this, the thin shell of veneer with the tooth colored element either resin or porcelain majorly fit the side facing edges as well as the front of the tooth. So, in this way, a crown is referred to as a many sided solution, however a veneer is a solution for front side only. This is a visible difference in both of them.

There are a number of brands which provide an ultra thin veneer in which very less preparation of underlying tooth is needed which means that there is minimal cutting of the biological tooth. All these veneers have a lot of demand in the market. Also, the veneers as well as the crowns can be utilized for correcting several cosmetics defects.

These defects consist of crooked teeth, spaces between teeth, aged, unsightly fillings as well as chipped or broken teeth. Hence, it becomes obvious from this that one of the main reasons why people go for a cosmetic dentistry is to make their smile beautiful.

What Is The Difference Between Crowns And Veneers?